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 . Sunday February 18th, 2018

Lake Simcoe Championship Ice Fishing Derby 2018 RULES

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24270 Woodbine Avenue, Keswick, Ontario L4P 3E9

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Contact:       info@icefishinglakesimcoe.com Derby Director’s & Official Judge’s: – Elizabeth Johnston – Garry Johnston – Ben Guy
Derby Marshall‘s: – Will be identified on the day by Jumpstart jackets.

Derby Rules:

  1. Register for the Derby online at http://icefishinglakesimcoe.com.
  2. All teams must sign in at registration.
  3. All participants are required to have a full inspection by a Derby Marshall the morning of the Derby or at any time a Marshall requests. Inspection starts 6:00 am.  If you refuse to allow inspection, you will not be allowed to enter the Derby and forfeit entry fee.  Have everything opened and ready for the inspection.
  4. Upon the start of the Derby and after being inspected, teams are not permitted to return to their vehicles before weigh in. If a team must return to their vehicle for any reason, they must have a Derby Marshall with them at all times.
  5. There will be NO DRILLING OF HOLES OR FISHING PRIOR TO 8:00 am. If you are found drilling holes or fishing prior to 8:00 am, the Derby Marshall’s will disqualify you and forfeit your entry fee.
  6. Participants must be escorted to the Zone by a Marshall and will be permitted within the Derby boundary with machines prior 7:45 am beginning at sunrise. Machines must be out of the established Derby area by 7:45 am or Participants wanting to leave early will not be allowed to operate their machine in the Zone and will be eliminated. You cannot move machines without a Marshall escort.  Only Marshall’s allowed to go into zone on machines during Derby hours.
  7. Participants may fish with or without a portable fish hut. Only commercial portable fish huts made of cloth material that comply with fire rating laws may be used.  Ice huts can be moved during the Derby.
  8. Derby hours are 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Fishing ends at 1:00 pm.  Weigh Station opens at 9:00 am and line up closes at 2:00 pm.  No guns will sound, it is the Participants responsibility to watch the time.
  9. There is no limit to the number of holes participants can drill.
  10. Participants can fish in any open hole, but with a maximum of two lines per person at any one time.
  11. Participants must fish within the established Derby area that is marked and set out.
  12. Electronics and live bait will be allowed.
  13. Any live bait must come from Lake Simcoe. Any unused bait is not allowed to be disposed back into the lake, they must go in the garbage bins provided.  Proper disposal of live bait is per the law.
  14. Caught Perch for weigh in must be kept in a pail of water until weigh in.
  15. During legal fishing hours on Derby day, team partners cannot fish more than 10 paces (30′) away from one another.
  16. Teams cannot infringe on other teams’ fishing zones. Keep 10 paces (30′) from other teams.
  17. Teams will be allowed to weigh in up to twelve (12) Perch which were only caught by the team during the Derby hours. Perch that are being weighed must be kept; there is no live release on weighed fish.
  18. All teams must go straight through to weigh-in after the Derby when leaving. You must check in with the registration desk after the Derby or when leaving the Derby, whether Team is weighing in fish or not, to sign out.  If no compliance, you will be eliminated.
  19. Derby Director’s have the authority to request fishermen move to another area if they feel safety is a concern.
  20. Violation of rules will result in disqualification.
  21. A “Heaviest Perch Contest” will be held in addition to the Derby. At registration, each team pays an additional $20 (cash) for the “Heaviest Perch Contest” if they choose.  During weigh in, bring your largest Perch to be weighed.  Heaviest Perch will get 50% of funds collected for this contest.  A certificate to have this perch mounted is supplied to the winner.  The “Heaviest Perch Contest” prizes are 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, and 3rd 20% of all collected “Heaviest Perch Contest” cash received.

Additional Laws & Regulations:

  1. All Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws and regulations must be followed.
  2. Non-Canadian participants must have a valid Ontario Fishing License. Derby Director’s have the right to ask for this License.
  3. The law recommends that all safety equipment is in good working order and when towing of any sort, you must have a tow bar. All motorized equipment and related equipment must be in safe and proper running order.
  4. Carrying people on machines without helmets is illegal.
  5. Derby Director’s have the right to delay or shorten the Derby, subject to weather or safety conditions or cancel the event or change Derby venue or boundaries at any time due to safety. If the event is cancelled, we will schedule a draw at Canadian Tire Keswick, you do not need to be there for a Draw.
  6. In the event of a draw, no Heaviest Perch Contest will be held.
  7. Derby Director’s have the right of refusal of any entry.
  8. Derby entry is non-transferable. Entry cannot be re-sold or transferred.  Derby Director’s are the only ones who can approve transfer of entry or changes in entry.
  9. Derby Director’s have the right to close registration any time at their discretion.
  10. Follow the law regarding no alcohol or drugs allowed in your possession or to be consumed during the event. If you are found to be in violation, you will be disqualified and forfeit your entry fee.
  11. Any unsportsmanlike conduct, unsafe acts or failure to adhere to the Derby rules will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee. Respect Lake Simcoe, remove your garbage or place in bins provided.
  12. By purchasing an entry into the 2018 Lake Simcoe Championship Ice Fishing Derby, you have read and understood all Lake Simcoe Championship Ice Fishing Derby Rules, you agree to hold harmless all sponsors, participants, officials and organizers from all claims for bodily injury and other damage incurred with this derby and agree that the Lake Simcoe Championship Ice Fishing Derby has our permission to use our names, photographs, and/or video images in promotions, advertising and televised footage for this event.
  13. All Derby Director’s rulings are final.
  14. Violators of any of the above-mentioned LSCIFD Rules shall be subject to disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.

Awards & Prizes:

  1. All prizes, including “Heaviest Perch Contest”, will be given out at the Awards Ceremony, 3:00 pm, at Canadian Tire Keswick, 24270 Woodbine Avenue, Keswick, Ontario.
  2. In the case of a tie, the prize is split equally between teams.
  3. Derby 1st Prize = $10,000; 10th Prize = $250, total of other cash prizes depends on number of entries.
  4. All Participants receive a $10 LSCIFD 2018 Lottery Ticket. The Lottery has up to $50,000 in prizes consisting of products, certificates and experiences.  Participants do not need to be present for the Lottery; however, participants are responsible for applicable shipping charges.
  5. All Participants receive an “Extra Raffle” Prize Ticket.   Participants must be present to win any “Extra Raffle” prizes given out at the Awards Ceremony, 3pm, Canadian Tire Keswick.

Official Protests:

  1. Protests must pertain to specific rules violations.
  2. Competitors wishing to make an official protest must do so by reporting to the Derby Director’s immediately before weigh in accompanied with $100 deposit. Deposit will be refunded if protest is won.
  3. Protests will be heard by the Derby Director’s ONLY at such time and in such manner as the Derby Director’s determines.
  4. Any contested “Heaviest Perch” may be tested for illegal substances, internal or otherwise, for verification. If intentional tampering to increase the weight of any fish is confirmed, it will result in immediate disqualification and a permanent ban on fishing any future Lake Simcoe Championship Ice Fishing Derby events for both members of the team in question.
  5. Any fraudulent intent will be met with strict legal prosecution.
  6. All decisions of the Derby Director’s shall be final and binding.

NOTE:  Violators of any of the above-mentioned LSCIFD Rules shall be subject to disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.